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We supply the extensive range of Linde Materials Handling Equipment, Linde Forklifts and more.

Linde Material Handling ranks among the world’s foremost manufacturers of forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment.

Linde forklifts today offers its knowledge, gained during decades of developing and manufacturing electric drive systems, to customers for a wide variety of applications. As an international company, Linde Material Handling operates nine production and assembly plants in all important regions of the world.

The name Linde stands for quality. And this claim is also reflected in the design of Linde’s equipment. Industrial forklift trucks by Linde – whether diesel lift forklift trucks, electric forklift trucks or warehouse handling equipment – stand out because of their innovative technology aimed at greater cost-effectiveness in logistics.


Engine counterbalance

The many unique features included in this fine forklift truck series include slimline mast profiles for excellent visibility and the virtually maintenance-free Linde hydrostatic transmission, coupled with powerful, fuel efficient engines and twin accelerator pedals for smooth seamless load handling. This excellent range sets the standards for functional style, performance, comfort and safety. The low-maintenance design addresses the need to deliver consistent reliability and high performance, while keeping handling costs to a minimum for your forklift needs.

H 14 – H 20 EVO (391)

H 20 – H 25 EVO (392)

H 25 – H 35 EVO (393)

H 40 – H 50 EVO (394)

H 50 – H 80 1100 (396-02)



Electric Counterbalance

This outstanding range of electric forklifts from Linde offers a comprehensive selection of specifications to meet varying requirements of every type of industrial and commercial application. Whether the requirement is for long wheelbase, compact chassis or high versions for bulky loads this exciting new series offers the optimum solution. Powerful AC maintenance-free twin drive motors combined with Linde twin accelerator control to offer impressive, energy efficient performance and safe, precise load handling. Whatever the task these industry leading forklift trucks will complete it safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

E10 (334-02)

E 12 – E 20 386 EVO

E16 – 20 PHL (386-02) EVO

E20 – E35 (387)

E35 – 50HL (388)

E60 – E80-900 (1279)


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