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Hako – Cleaning Machines


Hako – Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Founded in 1979, Hako Machines Ltd is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and service provider of industrial cleaning machines. The range includes equipment for indoor cleaning, outdoor cleaning and grounds maintenance.

Hako Machines provides a quality total cleaning solution to commercial, industrial and municipal environments. 

Hako’s cleaning machines can effectively take care of cleaning manufacturing, warehousing and commercial areas affordably and speedily. For a long time a lack of innovation in the industry has limited the reach of these machines. Hako has driven innovation in the cleaning industry and now leads the way forward in the industrial cleaning equipment industry.

We have a wide selection of quality Hako cleaning machines with all the technical knowledge and expert after sales service you would expect from a leader in the industry.


Sweepmaster 980R

The Sweepmaster 980R is a compact vacuum sweeping machine for use in both indoor and outdoor areas.


Scrubmaster B30

The Scrubmaster B30 is a pedestrian scrubber-drier ideal for use in small and medium sized areas.



Scrubmaster B115R

The Scrubmaster B115R is a compact ride-on scrubber-drier ideal for the economic cleaning of hard floors.


Sweepmaster B800

The Sweepmaster B800 and P800 models are manoeuvrable, high performance and compact vacuum sweepers.


Sweepmaster 1500RH

The Sweepmaster 1500RH is a large, powerful vacuum sweeper suitable for even the toughest of applications.

Sweepmaster 1200 & 1500

Scrubmaster B70

The Scrubmaster B70 is a high performance, efficient pedestrian scrubber-drier suitable for use in medium and large areas such as shopping centres and supermarkets as well as production and storage areas.


Sweepmaster B800R

The Sweepmaster B800R combines the compact dimensions of a pedestrian machine with the convenience and performance range of a ride-on machine.


Powerboss Combi 400

The Powerboss Combi 400 is a large, industrial, ride-on sweeper-scrubber drier ideal for use in all heavy duty applications.


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