CFTs Thorough Examination

CFTs Forklift Thorough Examination

Video Transcript

Are you getting less than you bargained for?

No body should accept a job that is half done. Sometimes getting half is worse than nothing at all. Usually it is obvious when your only getting half, but what if you did not know?

The law says that every forklift truck needs a regular thorough examination, most companies have it carried out by their forklift dealer or their insurance company. But nine out of ten manages a wrong about what thorough examination covers.

Our friend in the blue here is caring out the thorough examination that thousand of companies get. It meets all the LOLER lifting regulations. He is checking the mast, the hydraulics and all the lifting components. So what do you think? He has checked the truck – it is safe the use right? In fact, it is dead wrong. Think about it, what do you want checked in a thorough examination? The lifting part, yes, but what about the tyres, the chassis, steering, safety systems, oh don’t forge the breaks. You can’t call it a thorough examination without checking those, can you?

But did our man here check any of those parts? No, because under a LOLER only examination you don’t have to. Did you spot that? That’s the problem, busy managers hear they have had a thorough examination, so it is no wonder that 93% of them think they have had the whole truck checked. But often they have only done half the job and although they have met LOLER regulations that is still a legal banana skin. Under PUWER regulations and the health and safety at work act every employer has a legal duty to check work place machinery regularly and make sure that it’s safe. If you haven’t checked the whole truck then you cant know that it is safe. So you are outside the law, you could be in for a fine, for compensation, and one of your workers might not go home to their family at the end of their shift.

What you need is a really thorough examination. CFTs is a safer standard promoted nationally by the leading folk lift trade bodies. It covers everything that the LOLER inspection does and the rest of the truck too.

You can already see that the CFTs thorough examination is more well thorough. It includes a drive test for steering and breaks, jacking it up to take a better look and taking some panels off if need be to get a better look. All-in-all CFTs covers over a dozen crucial safety checks, most LOLER inspection miss. So you know you are covered both for LOLER and for PUWER and that your truck really is safe. Checking a truck properly takes time usually an hour or more so if your inspection takes less than say 45 minutes you need to be asking some pretty serious questions. Look for this mark on the documentation and on your trucks. It is your guarantee of a really thorough examination for the whole truck.

Check who organises your thorough examination now. If it is your insurance broker then the chances are you are only getting a LOLER inspection and even that might be being done by someone who is not a forklift truck specialist. Now they cant force you to have that service so give your broker a call and tell them you are making other arrangements. There are more that 400 companies with CFTs accreditation and you can find the list on line at

It is no good doing things by half, you’ll probably end up leaving yourself exposed.

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