Battery Regeneration

Battery Regeneration

Expand the lifespan of your batteries

What is Battery Regeneration?

Battery regeneration is a process used to recondition your used forklift batteries. Regeneration can restore a large percentage of a battery’s original capacity if it is in good mechanical condition. The battery regeneration process uses state of the art technology to desulphate the battery cells and return lost capacity to the battery.

What causes batteries to lose capacity?

Battery sulphation is the main reason for batteries losing their capacity. The normal operation of cycling the battery (charging and discharging) results in sulphates building up on the battery plates over time. After each charge, tiny sulphates are left unconverted which slowly build up and prevent the battery from accepting a full charge. Due to the resistance created by the sulphates the charger switches off believing the battery to be fully charged. This then results in opportune charging (partial charging) and so increases the number of battery cycles in turn decreasing battery lifespan.

Battery care is also a big factor in increasing and maintaining a batteries lifespan. Things to consider; only charging once a day, checking water levels regularly, letting the battery cool and rest and not running a battery below 20% capacity. 

Why choose battery regeneration?

Battery regeneration Cost Comparison

Battery Regeneration Cost Comparison

As well as being environmentally friendly battery regeneration will save you money. As opposed to replacing the battery with new or used. See comparison below.


With our state of the art regeneration process we can provide detailed regeneration reports with proven results. These reports will show the condition and capacity of the battery before and after the regeneration process.

Battery regeneration report example

Battery Regeneration Report

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